UPM Raflatac Graphics Solutions offers quality graphics solutions worldwide. Dive into our story, from our foundations to our transformative partnership with AMC AG, and discover our vision for a future where passion for self-adhesive films meets innovation.


UPM Raflatac Graphics Solutions is at the forefront of creating innovative graphics solutions. Serving a global clientele, we deliver top-notch filmic materials for the printing and signage industries through an expansive network of factories and distribution terminals. At the heart of our design process is a commitment to peak performance throughout the product lifecycle. UPM Raflatac Graphics Solutions combines expertise and legacy from both UPM Raflatac and Germany-based AMC AG.


Charting a new path: AMC AG's acquisition gives rise to UPM Raflatac Graphics Solutions


On September 15th, 2022, UPM Raflatac took a significant step forward by acquiring AMC AG, a prominent German coating company. Bringing with it an illustrious legacy spanning over six decades, AMC has unparalleled expertise in the realm of self-adhesive papers and filmic materials. While AMC stood as the world's second-largest producer of paper-based, self-adhesive products for diverse applications, it was also Europe's exclusive manufacturer of sticky notes.


With the inclusion of AMC's renowned business units – Intercoat, Print Inform, and Global Notes – the combined entity now harnesses a specialty in coating and conversion of paper and flexible films, employing unique glue types and functional coatings.

  • Intercoat delves deep into film graphics and labels materials.
  • Global Notes is a market leader in high-quality sticky notes and associated products.
  • PrintInform stands out with its coated paper suitable for versatile applications including printed sticky notes, labels, onserts, tapes and offers contract coating and bespoke product solutions.

Broadening horizons: Meet UPM Raflatac Graphics Solutions

Our alliance with AMC AG isn't just an acquisition; it's a melding of expertise and passion. This strategic move not only propels our growth trajectory but also enriches our product catalog with premium film laminates for graphics solutions and a variety of removable paper-based self-adhesive items.

Together, we envision a future where quality meets sustainability, driving the evolution of the graphics solutions industry.


Join UPM Raflatac Graphics Solutions as we redefine the future of adhesive products and graphics solutions.



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